Maine Rejects Federal Sex-Education Funds

Maine Rejects Federal Sex-Education Funds: “Maine becomes the third state to turn down federal funding for school-based sex education because new stricter rules mean the funds can be used only for programs that teach abstinence only. Pennsylvania and California have taken the same step.”

Many would think that with my somewhat conservative slant on things that I would be mad at Maine, Cali and my native PA, but I’m not. I applaud their efforts. To me, for sex education, it shouldn’t be abstinence only, but more comprehensive than that. I don’t subcribe to the view that if you teach safe sex, that they will do it. However, I don’t think that the liberal idea that everybody is having sex is correct either. I believe that a balanced education of the consequences (emotional, spiritual, and physical) of sex and what can be done to prevent the consequences. Of course, abstinence is the best policy (I speak from experience), but if some kids are going to experiment for themselves, let them be prepared and evaluate the risks. To me, teaching both together is better.

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