The RIAA will be assimilated

As I have been listening to podcasts, I hear resistance from the music industry. It’s not the artists, it’s the record companies as they worry about themselves losing profits. The radio stations are beginning to catch on especially, NPR stations.

If this catches on as big as it seems that it is, both the TV and Radio stations will need to gear themselves differently. If I am a typical user, I would rather download a podcast of the news or a program and take it with me to listen when I am in my truck, driving to work or town. Not that regular radio doesn’t have a place in the future, but most the programming is bland or not what I want to listen to. That’s where I find podcasting coming in. I can choose the content that I want to listen to. And if the particular cast isn’t to my liking, then I can fast forward or delete the file and move to the next cast.

Like I said before, the music industry is the main one resisting the change.

My guess is that as more independent artists get recognized and perform well and that the record companies begin losing profits as the public finds the music that they want rather than the stuff that is forced on us they will be forced to embrace it. Sites like the Podsafe Music Network and others like it introduce us to the indy artists and we can buy direct from the artist, not to mention the artist allows the music to be played on a podcast without a bunch of lawyers getting involved.

So beware RIAA you are about to assimilated by society and not the other way around.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit wrote this piece for Popular Mechanics about the movie business.

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