Catching up

I’ve been wanting to write some stuff on the fall out from Katrina, but every idea I got, I let go too long and then it became stale. However, I have been able to donate some money to a couple of places. It was great to hear that even my 4 year old nephew was getting in on the act. Although, I’m sure that he’s not completely aware of what is going on.

Things for the wedding are falling into place with the clothing and decorations pretty much done. Mary and I have to go through and inventory everything, to make sure that we didn’t miss any thing.

I love my little PDA. As I am waiting for Mary, I am typing on my wireless keyboard and listening to podcasts. The podcast that I regularly listen to is the Daily Source Code with Adam Curry. While I don’t always agree with Adam, or the language that he uses at times, but his rant on the evils of television in the US(he now lives in the UK), to me rings true. In fact, I urge more people to check out Podcasting. You can find a “radio” broadcast done in mp3 format for a lot of different subjects. I get tired of most radio anymore, and tv for that matter. So it has been fun to listen.

Speaking of podcasting, I’ve been thinking of doing one. I’m not sure what I would want to do. My previous broadcast experience, when I worked for AccuWeather, left me with a taste of wanting to get back into audio broadcast some time. Of course, I would need to reduce some of my extra-curricular activities so as to be able to put the time into the production. Then again I need a theme or vision of what to do it on.

That will come in time.

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