Ministry – A Past Contemplation

Well, I have returned from the Alive Festival with the youth group and have worked two days so far. Trying to get my routine back on track after travelling can be a bit trying with laundry and putting away everything. So until I can write up a good post on last week (and we all had a great time!) Here is a contemplative post that I wrote up while waiting in the dermotologist’s office to get my plantar’s wart looked at.

Warts and Sin

As I wait to get my wart removed, I thought about how a wart in amongst good skin is like Sin in a pretty decent person. I look at my life and while it has been good with the respect of trying to do the right thing, I still have done things which leave a blemish. A blemish that left untreated will grow, and is harder to root out when you do get it treated later.

In one of the Narnia chronicles by C. S. Lewis, one of the story lines has one of the kids turn into a dragon because of his own foolishness. He finds out that he can peel away the dragon skin to become who he was, but he can’t go deep enough to make the Change that is needed to become the boy he was. It isn’t until he allows Aslan, the lion, to rip so deeply that it hurts, so that the boy comes back.

My warts on the bottom of my foot are like that, I tried to peel them away but I had to go to a Doctor to have them frozen, because they were too deep. However, It doesnt end there. The doc gave me things to do to continue my healing. God is like that sometimes. To some, He gives a complete healing, and others he gives us the tools to help us make the right decisions and draw closer to him.

So what things do I need to work on? What haven’t I given to God because I’m trying to treat it myself? What does giving it to God look like? Maybe. Confiding to a friend of your problem and working on it together is one way. Part of it just comes down to trusting God and trusting the people that He has placed in your life to help you. They are His hands and feet, just as you are.

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