General – Slowing down a bit to look around

I’ve been rushing around the last few weeks, that I sometimes forget to stop and “smell the roses” as it were. As I put into my last post, just yesterday, I was busy with the Emmaus Walk the last two weeks. Now I have been doing very little and enjoying the beautiful weather.

Okay, I would enjoy more snow so that I could go skiing, but today with blue sky and the bright sunshine, I was almost in my March mode of wishing the snow away. I would like to get the snow out of my driveway and off of the roof of my house, though. Otherwise, Yesterday and today were great to just sit back and relax.

We all need to sit back and relax a bit though. I’ve gotten out of the practice of some of my comtemplative practices that I used to do, because of busyness. That’s not good, because it’s those practices that helped me slow down and be aware of God’s presence and how He is moving in my life. So, during this week of evenings, when I can wake up late and relax before going into work, I’m going to get back to my practices and make sure that I look to see and listen to what God has in mind for me.

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