Mids are almost done!

Well, as I sit here this morning on a short break from doing data collection and aviation forecasting, I realized that I only have one more midnight left. This is due to the fact that I will be going to Traverse City to take the CPR instructor class so that I can instruct the office on how to do CPR and other life saving things related to the heart and lungs. I had to take the Basic Life Savers course for health professionals last spring so this will complete the certification. Of course that means I can also teach this to others, but the primary reason was for the office. I just have to make sure that I teach 4 classes every 2 years to keep my certification, as well as take a recertification class. I think this is pretty cool. I would like to take the public first aid course that the AHA does as well. I just keep forgetting to look for when the class is being taught locally.

This thing with wanting to learn about First Aid and life saving things comes from 2 things.

  1. Dad used to be an EMT and I found the job fascinating
  2. My propensity to go hiking and backpacking in the backcountry

There are other reasons but those are the two that are at the heart of it. I’d probably go and get certified as an EMT, if I had the time and a way to practice the skills. However, working a rotating in a weather office kind of precludes that.

By the way, using blogger.com for my blog has been a cinch and I am slowly finding new things to tweak it.

Mids are almost done!

  1. Mary says:

    Hello! I was checking to see if you had a reply to my last comment, under the “Nosy” title, and I read this blog, so I thought I’d comment here, cuz you know, well maybe you don’t know, but I usually have something to say! Not that I’m big talker, cuz I’m really not, I’m kinda quiet most of the time, unless I’m tired! LOL. So, to get to my comment about this latest blog….I think its cool that you are taking CPR classes. And that your dad was an EMT. But I have to go for now bcuz I am at the church and everyone is leaving….type to you later!

  2. Jeff Lutz says:

    Thanks Mary. I’m learning that you usually have something to say 😉 But that’s a good thing. It means that I don’t have to be nosy. That’s about how I deal with it. Talk a lot and the unasked questions get answered. Well, I don’t let it all out at once though.

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