I’m amazed

At how bad my grammar and spelling can be sometimes. I didn’t notice it until I started blogging. I reread some of my posts and the next thing I realize is that I’ve put in the word write instead of right or some such thing. Maybe I should have someone come over and proofread my stuff…Nah…That would mean that I’d have to clean my house. I’m just a slacker at heart. 😉

I’m amazed

  1. Mary says:

    Instead of proofing it thoroughly, BEFORE posting, I notice that after I type and post a blog, or a comment, that there are many typos! However, in my job, I have to be very detail oriented, so I think that when I am doing something relaxing, such as blogging, I tend to be more lax. So, therefore, I believe that makes me a slacker, too 🙂

    The good thing about this though, is that I usually am pretty good at decifering what someone is trying to convey, even through the typos…I know some people get hung-up on the typos…I guess it all depends on the person and the situation…as most things do…

    So, instead of rambling on about this in my comment to you…I think I type a blog of my own!


  2. Anonymous says:

    After you told me about your blog…I had to go look. Really, you write well. It is no wonder you mix up words once in a while…you write at gawdawful tims of the morning…

    Keep it up

  3. Mary says:

    Yes I tend to stay up late if I dont have to work the next day or have something going on, especially if I am doing something I enjoy. I like writing, and have thought about writing a book, or two. I have some topics in mind to write about…I just need to get to it and do it!!! I will keep up the blogging I do believe.

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