I guess there is more to talk about

I’ve been messing with this thing for the past hour or so and have been figuring out how to tweak it. So now maybe I should type something else.

For the most part I am over most of the anxiety problems. The only lingering fears are when I want to share my point of view on a controversial subject or my faith. Not sure where in my childhood this was learned or acquired, but it doesn’t matter. I’m going to conquer it by heading into a subject. Maybe by this, I’ll conquer the last remaining angst things and be able to express myself more fully.

So the topic is my political beliefs…Typically, I am a conservative independent. What does that mean? I will vote Republican more often than not, unless the Democratic canidate meets a couple of criteria.

Pro-Life – as a scientist (a meteorologist) I am amazed by the technological advances that have been made in the way that we can image an unborn baby and make out distinct features of the face and such during the first trimester of a woman’s pregnancy. Not to mention that it seems that we are able to save premature babies earlier and earlier in a pregnancy. So when does a life begin? To me at conception, since from a science standpoint, there is consciousness within the first trimester as was talked about in a study a couple of months back. And from a theological stand point, as it says in the Bible that God new us even before we were formed in the womb. So if a canidate doesn’t meet this criteria then I probably won’t vote for them.

I can easily vote for someone like Bart Stupak (who happens to represent my district here in Michigan) because, he fits the social conservative things that I believe in. Of course, the Dems have some other things that I could vote for like helping the poor, though they need to rein in their typical tax and spend attitude to a certain extent.

There was another point that is important to me, but I don’t remember it right now. Probably because I’m too tired from staying up all night.

I’ll proabaly vote for W as well for this reason (maybe this is what my other point was?) The supreme court. I believe that while the Constitution has some leeway for interpretation and minorities should be protected, I believe that the courts have begun to overreach their intended jurisdiction and that the legislative and executive branches of the government need to put their checks and balances into play with the current court and I pray that conservative judge get appointed during the next presidential term. I’m not necessarily looking for a reversal of some court cases that I feel were the wrong decision (though that would be a good outcome), but just stem the tide of what seems to be the pushing out of the Christian values that from an historical perspective is what the founding fathers of the country started everything.

So that is my take on some of this stuff. I probably should go to bed now so that I can get up by noon and do a presentation with a fellow ham on ham radio at the Vanderbilt middle school.

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