CPR Class

I am now 2/3 of the way through to becoming a CPR instructor. The first step was to take the CPR class for Healthcare Providers. The next, and this is what I have been doing for the past two days, was the instructors class. The last thing is to student teach with an instructor/trainer and get final approval.

The class itself was pretty good. My only problem was the rust that had to be shaken off of me. That kind of created a confidence problem after the first day. The rust was pretty evident as I blew a written exam that I had taken before and then the instructor on my skills test, who instructed me before, pulled me aside and said that while I passed, I needed to work on them. Needless to say, I was feeling kind of down on Wednesday on the drive back to the office. Although, I did a Lectio Divina. I seemed drawn to Psalm 23 and the phrase “He restores my soul,” grabbed me. So I meditated on that on the way back. About the time that I passed Kalkaska, a wave of peace passed over me.

The next day, I continued the meditation and it occurred to me to pray for clarity of thought. That’s really what I wanted. Clarity of mind, so that I could do my best. Well as the day went on, the instructor talked about examination and remediation for students that didn’t pass their exams (students that we will teach). As he spoke about it, I realized that’s what was done with me and that I was still doing a good job. I did my presentation to the class on 1-adult rescuer and while it wasn’t perfect it went pretty well. The great thing came when I took the instructor test and I got a 48 out of 50. Very cool. I was praising God all the way home.

Not everything goes as we want, but if you trust God, He will bring you through the fire. I realize that this was a pretty small case, but If we would always keep these in mind during the larger episodes of life we may have better outcomes than we could possibly imagine.

As I was typing this the office called and asked if I could be available for work at 4 or 5 am. Seems that we may be expecting some severe weather overnight. I can’t wait for the snow. I want to ski downhill really fast right now!

CPR Class

  1. Mary says:

    I really liked what you said about God getting us through the fires…no matter how big or small. It’s so true, and sometimes we need a reminder that He is still there, even though we may not “feel” him or see him…He is there. So, thanks for the reminder.

    And congrats on doing well on your presentation!

    Talk to ya soon.

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