Heart Updates…12/04/2017

I can drive again!

I have hit the 4 week/1month point post-op. I had a meeting with my surgeon and have no issues with me driving. There is little to no pain in my chest at this point. I do have some sort of numbness along my sternum, where they cracked my chest open, but that isn’t bad. I can sleep on my stomach again!

With no pain, it means my reactions for driving are probably back to where they were. Since I can drive, I can now go to work. I was scheduled to go back this Friday, so that’s what I will be doing. The only thing at this point is Cardiac Rehab, where I go to the hospital and do monitored work outs for the next 4 weeks or so. That looks like we can schedule around it. After that, I’ll be free of the post up things and should be back to 100%.

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