The Jeff Show #6 – Exercising

Today, I walked.

That’s not a huge shock if you have been following my Facebook or Twitter feeds lately. However, if you have been following my life through those same feeds for very long, you’d know that I haven’t been the best at keeping up my walking regimen. I have to admit that while the jury is out on me maintaining this schedule, I’m feeling more positive about keeping up with it, than I have in a long time.

I was thinking about this as I was doing my 4.5 mile walk. Not that I couldn’t walk in Boyne Falls, but with the reduction in my commute, the change in my shift rotation, and the availability of routes, I have resurrected my goals for working out. The original goals were to keep increasing my walking routes. I don’t remember my goals in terms of time, but I do remember that they went something like this:  walk the North Country Trail in Charlevoix county, in Emmet County, then both counties. However, I will be amending these since today I found access to a trail that I had forgotten. It has been named the North Central State Trail. It is a multi-use rail-trail that runs from Gaylord to Cheboygan.

So the goal is simple, work on extending my walking until I can get Cheboygan, or at least to the North Country Trail and head to Mackinaw City. The ultimate goal is hiking Isle Royale NP. I haven’t thought about the goals in terms of time, however, the woods and my backpack are calling. Of course, somewhere along the line, I’m going to have to start running. I’ll have to consult my cardiologist on that one, but for now, I am walking everyday I work, and eventually, probably everyday.

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