Leaving ESPN behind…

I’ll try not and belabor the point, however, I wanted to say some things about ESPN and Penn State.

I don’t disagree that Joe Paterno should have done more, he has said that himself. I think that it was time that Joe step down, and the retirement at the end of the season sufficed. However, ESPN went after Penn State and Joe with abandon, only to find out that ESPN was sitting on a tape that they say they couldn’t corroborate, so they didn’t turn it into the police.

At the behest of another PSU alum, and a friend, I wrote and complained. I received an email and was pointed to a blog post on ESPN.com about their reasons for not coming forward. It was lame.  I found this comment and many more like it in the comment section. (This is not me)

“Let me get this straight. ESPN is saying that if Joe Paterno had been a journalist, his actions would have been considered completely acceptable. Paterno had no real knowledge of the abuse, was told by a single person who’s story could not be confirmed by a third party, and did not go to police with potential evidence that at the time he didn’t believe was creditable enough to report. But Joe wasn’t a journalist, so he got crucified for it.”

If they were doing an investigative piece or not, they should have done more. So let me drag their name through the mud, well, yeah like my little piece here will do anything. So I  sent this reply:

“I’m sorry, but I went to your link. The explanation is weak, and my thoughts are pretty much in line with most of the people that commented on the blog post. Due to your failures, I will no longer be frequenting your pages, nor will I subscribe or use your cable stations, when I have the chance. Not to mention, I will avoid ABC or Disney if at all possible, as well.”

So there it is. ESPN (ABC or Disney) you are no longer welcome here. My own personal boycott.

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