Jeff, why do you care so much about Christchurch?

Back in 1994, I went to the South Pole. For the Antarctic program, the jump off point for McMurdo and South Pole stations is Christchurch, New Zealand. While I pretty much was contained to the south island while I was there, I fell in love with the country. Now, 15+ years later, after passing through the city of Christchurch and portions of the south island 4 times, 2 major earthquakes have rocked the city. The first one did some damage as it was a little farther away and it was deep. However, this one, while weaker than the first one in September of last year, was much closer and shallower, and with the weakened state of many of the buildings, there were many more that came down in the City Centre. This has been a rather said event as the landmark cathedral in the town square lost its spire. The town, from what I can see will never be the same again.

Jeff, why do you care so much about Christchurch?

  1. There was a note in today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch that parts of Christchurch will be abandoned rather than rebuilt.

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