Where do we draw the line?

Where do we draw the line? I understand not letting a teacher lead or organize prayer in a public school or related setting. They are government workers, and if a government worker in a work type setting is leading or organizing prayer or some sort of religious service then I understand how that under the Constitution that could be viewed as establishment of religion. I work for the federal government (National Weather Service) and it would be inappropriate for me to lead a prayer at a severe weather spotter talk.

However, here is where I have the problem. Somebody else who is not a government representative organizes a prayer at a function, and I am then not allowed to express my beliefs by praying along with them? 

I understand the original complaint with the coach leading the prayers, but now, if the students organize and lead the prayers, he can’t participate? If he is showing favoritism to the Christian players over the non-Christian ones, then that is wrong, that’s even non-Biblical (book of James). However, if he isn’t doing that and expressing his beliefs who are we to interfere.

So if I go to a Lion’s Club meeting to do a talk, and they pray am I not allowed to participate?

The Associated Press: Ban on a type of prayer in school allowed to stand

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