It seems like a lot going on

Today, while it was a day off, seemed to have a lot happening. It started around 1 pm when Brandon came home, rather unexpectedly, and said that despite getting clearances to work for the Mountain, there was a hold on him working there from personnel.

That leads into the second thing. Brandon had been paying the truck payment when he lost his job. We have no margin in our finances right now, because our renter didn’t have a job until recently, and hadn’t been able to pay their rent the last couple of months. They are now planning to move out in another week. Oh yeah, the truck, so I get a call from the credit union about the payment. Luckily, the bank person told me that if we pay $50 we will be out of being 30 days overdue.

Mary came home around 4 pm and we got dinner started with Ben, Trisha, and Boys coming over. I  made spaghetti. It was a good time, but then we had a long talk with Brandon, he’s not sure that the hold will come off of his job at the mountain.

So we are now praying and holding down the fort. Things seem to happen just when they need to, but it does make for busy time.

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