My Podcast report

I’m always listening to podcasts. If you don’t know what they are, they are nothing more than independent (mostly) producers making audio or video broadcasts and making them available over the internet generally for free to be played on your mp3 or mp4 player (obviously the video (mp4) broadcasts need a video player). With the iPod Nano that I got for Christmas, which plays video, I have subscribed to a bunch of podcasts both audio and video. I have gotten pretty cynical about most of the radio and even most tv stations out there. Most radio, especially up north here, just doesn’t have the programming I enjoy. So with the help of Podshow, Itunes, and my iPod, I have created Radio Jeff.

To see what I listen too go to my Podshow page.

The way I listen to my collection is like this:

Pray-as-you-go – this is the only podcast not on my Podshow page because individual day’s mp3s come in weekly. Then I listen to my Today channel – which is mostly my daily podcasts. Then I listen to the rest of my channels.

If you are near my truck (which is a silver F-150) you can receive my broadcast. Some of it is religious stuff. Some of it you will say, “You listen to that?” because of the language that is used from time to time, but not regularly enough or I would drop some of them. Some of it helps me wrap my brain around popular culture and popular youth culture, so it is more like information and attitudes, rather than enjoyment.

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