We have a dog and more!

Well the kids talked us into a dog. It is a black Lab, that is about 3 years old and full of energy. She is already house broken and fixed. The people we got her from a friend of the Kaleb’s who love the dog, but couldn’t keep her. They would like to see her from time to time and said that they will be able to take her if we have anything like going out of town. So She and we are adjusting.

Brandon has his sentencing date on March 2. So be praying for us and him. Pray that he has hit the bottom is ready to turn around. We have seen a lot of change in his attitude this time around, so things are more hopeful.

The snow has taken a break until tonight. We are getting some snow now, but it doesn’t look heavy right now. Northern Lake Michigan has formed enough ice on it that it will limit some of the lake effect snow. I have some ice cleaning chores to do at both houses.

Kaleb has been doing great at skiing. He won both the GS and slalom the other night. I had to work so I missed out. Thursday (all day) is regionals at Nub’s Nob north of Harbor Springs. He made state last year, so we’re hoping for a repeat.

Karlie is in the play Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at school. I think that the play is in March or April. I’ll let you know when I get more details.

We have a dog and more!

  1. John says:

    Brandon has his sentencing date on March 2.

    Prayers ascending for Brandon and your family….

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