Looks like we are going to be the proud owners of a mini van

Well, looks like we will be buying a “pre-owned” mini van on Monday. We would like to own something like a Honda Odessy, but they are usually expensive and go fast. So we have been looking at a Chevy Venture. We got to take it home this weekend to test it out with Kaleb and Karlie. We got two thumbs up from them and our mechanic. We have been tracking the gas milage and it looks like it does as well as Mary’s car, which is on its last legs. We have been good at not incurring debt since we took our Crown Financial course, but we will have to go back into the payment process as we can’t pay cash for a car, yet. Maybe in the future. We are plugging away at our budget and saving money, however, this is something that we need to do before Mary’s car dies. Oh, the one we are getting is blue.

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