Google, Gmail and new stuff

Recently, I was exploring Google and the new extras that are available. This has been pretty cool. I was add some cool gadgets to my personalized Google page. While doing that, I was exploring Google personal pages (i.e. Web space) and found out I needed a Gmail account. I looked at Gmail and found out that I didn’t need anyone to send me an invite anymore, but I could invite myself. So I signed up. I now have a Gmail account. That has taken a little to get used to. The one thing I really like about it is the IM on it. I don’t have to download software. I just have to add Gmail Contacts and they appear. This will be good for when Mary need’s to ask me something at work. So I have been playing with it the last couple of days. The nice thing is that some of this carries over to the Google PDA page. So I can check email, look at my RSS feeds, and my personal Google page with my wireless connection, whether at home or on the road. Very nice.

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