MJ – A little over two months

M&J – A little over two months

I wasn’t sure about what I was going to post on this.  I realized, though that it is a topic that I haven’t written on in a while.  Mary and I are doing great with things beginning to slow down from the initial rush of getting married and still trying to pull together some of the other things that we scheduled for the fall.

I realize, as she has moved in, that I now have a new set of eyes to view the world through.  That helps me from getting too rooted in my routine.  A routine that would usually get me trudging through life with my head down in a forced march or running at top speed past everything that life might have for me at the time.  I just have a hard time stopping and smelling the flowers that God puts along the side of the path.  

Over the past two months we have transformed the master bedroom so that two people can coexist in it, and by coexist, I mean that we can both function and get along in the smallish space that is the master bedroom. We have redone the living room, so that we now have a mini office space out here and a functional TV room with living space.  The kitchen is more in the way of becoming better function for two cooks instead of the one that used to fix the meals (yes, we share that responsibility).

For me, though it has meant integration into a family that I have come to love.  I now have gone from zero to four kids. Two are already out of the house, but we have two more to finish raising.  That is and isn’t a challenge for me.  I am used to the youth groups and Mary’s two youngest are teenagers. They are fun to be around and I enjoy them as if they were my own.  There are the little sibling rivalry things which can drive any parent crazy at times, but most of the time, these are pretty minor in the scheme of life that God has granted us.  

The biggest thing, though, is that I love Mary even more now than when I proposed to her a few months ago.  Now some may say that we are still in the honeymoon phase, which we are, but there is something deeper there.  The two of us are fond of saying that love is a choice and for me, besides choosing Christ this is the best choice I have made in a long time.

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