A Rant about Me

A Rant about Me

I just hate it when I get into a mood at work.  What does that mean?  That a series of emails from one of my more cantankerous colleagues got me upset.  Now, maybe it was justified, but to me, there comes a time when you have to choose not to get upset and find another way to bleed of the negative energy.  In my way, I think that I have come up with an idea to overcome the problem that spawned the emails in the first place.  I guess my next step is to find a way to get past the anger faster.  

I know about righteous anger that Jesus showed, but in this case I realize that the original problem comes from a person that, to me, shows all of the classic signs of someone who is unhappy in their job and can’t wait for the end to come.  So in their way, they throw gasoline on every fire in the office that they can, when they feel that their domain is being threatened. That is the person that Jesus sought out and healed, and I believe that we are called to reach out to.  The problem is that learning to love the unlovely, which is, trying to help someone, and not allowing yourself to get upset, because you know that you will become a target of their flame throwing.

Okay, time to go pray.  That is obviously the first step.

A Rant about Me

  1. Marcus the Bronco says:

    It’s not Keith is it? Cuz – I’ll walk on over there and sit on his head. Just kidding.

    Seriously- I just said a word of prayer about that situation that the Lord will throw a preverbial wet blanket on him and exstinguish his ire. Also that you will have patience (which by the sounds of it you are doing quite well). I would probably not handle it so well without God.


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