NYWC Day 4

Well, the night of Day 3 had a carry over affect. Im not sure what
that just meant, so I should explain. The only bad thing to happen at
the convention was when the Jax Jaguars came into town to play. The
hotel thought that it would be neat to kick out a bunch of youth
workers and house the visiting football team. This caused a bunch of
us to have to pack everything and check into a hotel in Monroeville
about 30 minutes away, by school bus. They made all of the necessary
arrangements and actually let us know a few weeks in advance, but it
still was an inconvience with us having to get up early to pack and
get things set up, then go all day and then leave around 1130 pm to
Monroeville, check in, pick up our stored luggage, and then get up
early the next day to do the whole thing over and go back to the
hotel that kicked us out. I think Im going to write a couple of hotel
reviews for the travel websites.

Because of the late start and no breakfast, we missed Louie Giglio, a
speaker I was looking forward to hearing. It wasnt a total loss.
Since Lisa needed to get a jacket, we all went to Burlington Coat
Factory and Mary found a dress for Trishas upcoming wedding. We then
went to lunch. We had some good conversations about what we would
like to do with the youth ministry at FUMC and even GCC and maybe on
our own.

Then we went back to the convention. I went to the talk about
Reaching the Campus for Christ one student at a time. It was pretty
good as it really helped with the fact that I have been equipped by
God to be able to reach out to kids if I allow God to direct me. The
General session speaker was pretty good, with my main take on his
talk going with the fact that everything is based on a whole
personality to reach out and form relationships with the kids to help
heal them.

We skipped the KJ-52, Starfield, and Third Day concert tonight. We
all have seen KJ and Third Day once or twice this year already and we
were pretty beat. So, we got some supper and worked out the CDs of
the seminars that we either didnt get to or wanted to hear again.

Tomorrow, we have to get up and pack, check out and go to our
seminars in the morning. Then one more general session that ends
around 1pm. Then we are done. Probably lunch with Paul and Lisa
before we part ways. Then off to my Uncle Jim and Aunt Nancys. It has
been fun, part vacation, part pilgrimage, and part learning

We have some exciting stuff to pray about over the next few weeks.
Ill be sharing that in the future.

Jeff Lutz

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