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The preliminary outlook this morning showed that the cold front will be around Portland Friday morning. Which is a flip-flop back to what we saw two days ago. This front initially looks week. The current predictions along your route at the various offices, look mainly like rain west of the Wasatch. The Salt Lake City NWS office has a 50% chance of snow on Saturday/Sunday time frame along I-80. Looking at the web cams along I-80 in SW Wyoming, the snow is on the mountains with the valleys dry. The Riverton NWS office has slight chances of snow as you get over the Wasatch.

So the Friday doesn’t look bad, but Saturday/Sunday between Boise and western Wyoming looks like snow. Once you get past the Green River Tunnels on I-80 in western Wyoming, the forecast is for slight chances of snow, more than likely, by looking at the web cams, the snow probably won’t be heavy in the valleys, just on the surrounding mountains.

Met – Mom and Dad’s Weather

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks…those are super. I am wondering if we might be better off leaving Thursday for a Friday in the Utah/Wyo area?

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