General – Busyness part deux

This is becoming a broken record as I am seemingly swamped with stuff.
Most of it is pretty unimportant stuff, but I always find a way to make
it into a priority. That is the key, prioritzing and sticking with it.
My biggest problem is that since I conquered my anxiety problems, which
climaxed about 5 or 6 years ago, I have slowly slipped into being one
who gets side tracked easily. That has been my problem since I was a
kid. You can ask my mom and dad. They would send me off to clean my
room and sort magazines and throw out the old ones. I would go in and
then as I sorted the magazines, I would see an article to read, and then
get caught up in reading it. Mom or Dad would then find me in my room
reading and not cleaning. So now it is time to find that happy median of
doing the tasks that need to be done and still have recreation and fun
(i.e. Stopping to smell the roses).

So far for today, I have gone through a mound of e-work (like paperwork,
but it is electronic). Mainly just going through my inbox at work and
making sure that I got all of the things requested of me, done. I’m now
down to 12 emails on things that are either informational that I need to
read again or take action on in the future.

As you will see that there are a lot of things flowing through my brain.
I was telling Mary earlier today that I wish that I could just plug my
brain into the PDA and out pops my blog posts.

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