M&J – Mary’s play

I wanted to write about this sooner, but since I am working evenings this week, it has been hard to sit a write a post when your day is filled with snowblowing and your nights predicting the next round of snowblowing. I got a short little break between the balloon and writing our regional weather summary tonight.

You may have noticed recently that I have started to categorize my posts. That’s so that those who want to read about youth ministry (ym) can read those posts and the Meterology posts (met) and so on. Well today’s is listed as M&J for Mary and Jeff. A nice multipurpose subject that can be on relationships which can be used for youth ministry if the subject fits. Today’s however, has to do with the play that Mary was in at her church.

I say was, becuase the play was over the weekend. I got to see it on the opening night. They did a “musical” verision of Scrooge. The only difference was that they ended it the way Dickens did, with Ebeneezer accepting Jesus. Quite a concept, actually following what the writer intended. Okay, I’ll stop being sarcastic. Anyway, the play was quite good. While they were all amateur actors, they did a pretty good job and since they have a non-traditional church (i.e. no pews) it was easy to transform the snactuary into a playhouse. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though I am a bit biased since I knew several of the cast members, besides Mary.

Mary was one of the business women that were soliciting donations from Scrooge. She made a remark about how her costume reminded her of “little Bo Peep,” although I thought it looked pretty good and they did a good job with getting clothes that fit into the time period. You can read Mary’s take on the play here. Like I said, I really liked it.

M&J – Mary’s play

  1. Mary says:

    I’m glad you liked it, and that you were able to make it opening night, instead of having to go to the dress rehearsal Thursday. Opening night was much better!

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