Heart Updates…12/04/2017

I can drive again!

I have hit the 4 week/1month point post-op. I had a meeting with my surgeon and have no issues with me driving. There is little to no pain in my chest at this point. I do have some sort of numbness along my sternum, where they cracked my chest open, but that isn’t bad. I can sleep on my stomach again!

With no pain, it means my reactions for driving are probably back to where they were. Since I can drive, I can now go to work. I was scheduled to go back this Friday, so that’s what I will be doing. The only thing at this point is Cardiac Rehab, where I go to the hospital and do monitored work outs for the next 4 weeks or so. That looks like we can schedule around it. After that, I’ll be free of the post up things and should be back to 100%.

Winter Pool Time…01/29/2017

As part of my film making adventure, and self teaching, you will see more videos show up either here, or on the weather blog. Currently, the weather blog is featuring my latest entry on the Vimeo Weekend Challenge.

Ministry & Meteorology? is Back Up

Looks like the domain name didn’t auto renew for some reason. We got the renewal done and the domain has propagated back through the dn servers. Ministry & Meteorology? http://ministry-weather.com

A Heart Attack?

Yes, it looks like I had one the other day. I was having some chest pains late last week which got the strongest on Saturday. I went into the doc's office on Monday, and they scheduled me for a stress test. I had the stress test this morning, and the doc saw some blockage and some damage. So I came back in this afternoon. Now I am in the Petoskey hospital, awaiting a heart cath procedure.

Mary is here.


I'm sitting in a doctor's office in Petoskey because of some minor ailments from the last couple days. Some thoughts that I have had after the end of the Big Ticket Festival Tour have been rolling around in my head.

First, I have come to the conclusion that serving others is the missing ingredient from most churches. I've heard stories and stats about how we are heading for a post-Christian America, and ways to combat it, but it seems to me that if we quit worrying about what is happening and engage the world as servants, not as combatants, we would do more to speak into the world's situations.

Second, which is related to the first, I am beginning to think that some of the legislating of morality is the wrong track. I understand it, but I think that more social conservatives do damage, by trying to legislate their interpretation of morality and lose the ability to speak into others' lives.

So what do we do? I think that the church needs to quit picking at theological issues and instead focus on practical issues. Earn the right to speak into someone's life. Don't be condemning. Like the women caught in adultery, Jesus said he didn't condemn her, and go and sin no more. I also think that eventhough marijuana use is wrong, treating it like we do alcohol, seems a better way than the farce of drug enforcement that we have. We need to listen and find out why someone is using substances rather than judge them for using.

I guess I see very little compassion from the church. That is where we need to start.

I can hear this in one ear

Train Horns
Created by Train Horns

The difference between a war on science and the policitization of it.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson is an astronomer that is approaching Carl Sagan status, at least in my mind. He is a great communicator. He is on a book tour and received the question about the Republican war on science. I always felt that it was a misdirection. While two big science areas of debate were politicized, were embryonic stem cells and the environment. However, as Dr. Tyson points out, budgets for science went up during the Bush years and down during the Clinton years. Also to point out that Dr. Tyson is a liberal, by his own admission.

Watch the clip from Fora.tv in fact if you have the time, watch the whole hour and change of his talk and the Q/A session after. Fascinating.

Forming a smoke deck

Forming a smoke deck
Originally uploaded by Jery McNutz.

Every once i awhile I see things that seem pretty cool. Here is one, although I admit, I missed the better picture about 15 seconds earlier as I was driving home this morning. In this case the smoke from a chimney is going up until the gases and particles cool. The light wind just above the surface then push the particles downstream. At this point the temperature was -17 degrees F.

Another long C. S. Lewis Quote – It’s a good one

He who surrenders himself without reservation to the temporal claims of a nation, or a party, or a class is rendering to Caesar that which, of all things, most emphatically belongs to God: himself… -C. S. Lewis


From Jesus Creed

Perhaps we need to be reminded that Christmas is not about us; it is about Jesus Christ.
Perhaps we need to be reminded that Christmas is not about what we get out of it; it is about what we give to God in adoration.
Perhaps we need to pause to see just how Jesus-centered Christmas is.

Here’s the article.

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