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What it takes to have a cold pizza experience…

Most times after midnights, I have trouble sleeping. I can feel tired by 10 pm, but by 330 am or 400 am. I’ll wake up and can’t get back to sleep. I often have to leave bed and find things to do around the house that won’t wake up the rest of the house, like type goofy blog posts about cold pizza.

So this round of mids was no different. The last two nights, I have awoken at 330am and can’t back to sleep. Tonight, I walked downstairs, wrote some in my journal, and got a piece of cold pizza.

I love cold pizza. I love a lot of left overs cold, but there is something about a good piece of cold pizza for the morning. Upon thinking about this, I have come up with the main reason for a great piece. I think it has to do with the quantity of the sauce.

To me, a great pizza has a balance of cheese, sauce, and other toppings, but for a great slice of cold pizza, the sauce must be there in sufficent force to give that slimy, wet, cold texture that my mouth craves in the wee hours of the morning. If there isn’t enough sauce, then the cheese and crust will make for a dry experience that will do no one  less than a stellar performance. So far, this BC Pizza Extra Large Extra Pepporoni we got with a coupon is one of the best. The cold sauce squishes out from beneath the cheese when you bite into it, unleashing the lubricant that allows your mouth to chew on it.

That’s one of the problems with cold pizza, the crust is cold and almost dry. I have been known to get a jar of Ragu Pizza Quick sauce, refirgerated of course, and dump it on the offending dry piece. While the cheese helps a bit, it is the sauce that makes the experience. I like BC’s seasoning in the sauce, so that is never an issue. The issue is always the quantity. I have had others, store bought self rising, too dry. Pizza Hut does a great job at quantity of sauce. Jet’s has had some good pieces too. However, nothing beats the one I’m having right now…

Technology, Radio, and What I Listen To

Since getting an Android phone, I have been amazed at the fact that it gets an internet connection. Not just for simple web pages, but streaming connections. I can stream video into and out of my phone. What that has opened up is radio stations. All those stations that I loved to listen to in high school living in Fennville, or traveling to Pennsylvania, and others places as well, I can now get through my phone and listen to them in my truck on my drive to and from work. Couple that with podcasts, and I can listen to almost anything I want, anytime. I was reading on another blog about shortwave listening for stations is dieing out due to internet radio. While that will probably never completely die out, the fact that you don’t need a shortwave radio to hear overseas radio is quickly taking over.

Which brings me to why I was writing this post. I got on a web site called Radio Time that looks for local radio stations that stream and links to the streams. The great thing is that they have an app so that you can listen to the streams on your phone. So I now have presets to all sorts of radio stations from my past available to me. I have them from Grand Rapids, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Dallas, and locally. Wow!