Kaleb’s latest Ski meet

If you read Mary’s blog yesterday, you heard about Kaleb’s latest ski meet. I finished uploading the three videos of Kaleb’s runs. Because of work we missed his First GS run, but we got his second GS run and both Slalom runs. So here they are:
The Second GS run:

The First Slalom Run:

The Second Slalom Run:

Kaleb’s ski meet

The Giant Slalom
Originally uploaded by Jery McNutz.

I had the day off on Tuesday, so I went to Boyne Highlands to watch Kaleb race in the Petoskey Invitational. By the time I got there I had missed his first run in the slalom. He had fallen, but finished with a time of 41.01s. The second run was ok with 35s. There was a lunch break, and then the Giant Slalom.

The GS looked fun. It has the much more sweeping turns and faster down hill runs. I shot a 30 sec video that is here at You Tube with the camera of his first run. While lining up the camera, I missed that he almost fell. His time was 33.02s. His second run, I shot all stills. He ran almost 2s faster with 31.57 and at least for awhile was 4th fastest on the second run out of about 40 some skiers.

Update: Here’s a clip from the Petoskey News-Review: For the Boyne City boys, who finished eighth, Kaleb McNamara placed a team-best 12th in GS, while Tom Hague was 25th in GS; Mike Cortwright, 26th in GS; Nick Simeri tied for 25th in slalom; and Joe Shear was 31st in slalom.

Hi all!

For those of you who may have followed the link from Methoblogger, Welcome! I usually have some theological or meteorological posts, but as of late, family things have kept me busy so I have been doing mostly family posts. Take a look around and look at some of my past posts.

Christmas Day

Oh the weather outside was mild, and the family was so delightful, but it wouldn’t snow, wouldn’t snow, wouldn’t snow.

We had the whole family plus a few extras this morning over and had a great time with all of them. It took a while to unwrap all of the presents as each person unwraps their present before the next one. So from 11 am to around 2 pm, we unwrapped presents. We’ll try to get the pictures up on Flickr soon. We have some after Christmas shopping to do and I have some Emmaus stuff to do as well for the walk this spring. This is going to be a busy week.

It’s the day before the day before…

I thought that I would write a post, just because. Things in the house are going well. Karlie and Mary were both back up after a couple of days of being sick. Otherwise, we are getting things ready for Christmas in the house. Tomorrow evening we have Mary’s family over to do some Christmas things, then all of the kids will stay overnight and we will have Christmas in the morning. Not sure how soon we will have pictures up on Flickr once we are done, but hopefully within a few days.

Sick Girls

Both Mary and Karlie are down with some stomach bug. It began last night, when we were half way home from Ben and Trisha’s. Karlie remarked that her stomach didn’t feel good. We dropped Kaleb off at his dad’s and as soon as we got to our house Karlie ran into the downstairs bathroom and promptly threw up. That went all night with Mary and I cleaning up starting around 3 am. Having just come off mids, I had a hard time going back to sleep. Mary began not feeling well, but wasn’t sure if it was being sick or a reaction to Karlie being sick. Mary decided to stay home with Karlie and I went to work trying to figure out how to get home early. I was able to work most of my shift and then leave work on Family Friendly sick leave. After a quick stop at the grocery store. I got home to two sick women. Karlie on one couch and Mary on the other. Karlie was a little better and both she and Mary were able to hold down saltine crackers and 7up as of this writing so things aren’t too bad in the Lutz household this afternoon.

Kaleb turns 16

originally uploaded by Jery McNutz.

Kaleb turned 16 Sunday so we took him to Traverse City for some shopping and dinner. Travelling with us (besides Mary and myself) were Breann (his girlfriend), Karlie, Ben, Trisha, and Ethan. Here he is at BD’s Mongolian BBQ. This is a family favorite.

The house is taking shape

Unpacking at the new house and cleaning at the old one has been slow going. Our schedules have not been the best the last two weeks. Well, yesterday, I had a day off during a weekend so Mary and I got a lot of things unpacked. We got the office done and now it looks like the spacious room it was meant to be. The walk in closet is almost complete. I got the majority of the shelves in Friday, so now we have all of our clothes off of the floor and hung up. Today, after church, we are going to the old house to clean and retrieve a few items that we haven’t gotten out of there yet. We still need to go to the storage unit in Gaylord, and pick up some stuff for the living room. Keep watching our Flickr site for new pictures. I hope to have some soon. And yes Amy, I have been letting Mary do the decorating. 🙂

More Pictures of the new Grand Baby!

We got hooked up yesterday on Charter cable, which gave us 3Mb/s connection (Swwweeeet!) for the internet. So we have uploaded all of our pictures that we have to flickr. There are now over 160 pictures of Ethan.

Trisha and Ethan

Trisha and Ethan
Trisha and Ethan,
originally uploaded by Jery McNutz.

I was able to get the pictures uploaded that I had this morning and post them to Flickr. (Just click on the pict). Vitals on Ethan are in the previous post.