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Sick Girls

Both Mary and Karlie are down with some stomach bug. It began last night, when we were half way home from Ben and Trisha’s. Karlie remarked that her stomach didn’t feel good. We dropped Kaleb off at his dad’s and as soon as we got to our house Karlie ran into the downstairs bathroom and promptly threw up. That went all night with Mary and I cleaning up starting around 3 am. Having just come off mids, I had a hard time going back to sleep. Mary began not feeling well, but wasn’t sure if it was being sick or a reaction to Karlie being sick. Mary decided to stay home with Karlie and I went to work trying to figure out how to get home early. I was able to work most of my shift and then leave work on Family Friendly sick leave. After a quick stop at the grocery store. I got home to two sick women. Karlie on one couch and Mary on the other. Karlie was a little better and both she and Mary were able to hold down saltine crackers and 7up as of this writing so things aren’t too bad in the Lutz household this afternoon.

Kaleb turns 16

originally uploaded by Jery McNutz.

Kaleb turned 16 Sunday so we took him to Traverse City for some shopping and dinner. Travelling with us (besides Mary and myself) were Breann (his girlfriend), Karlie, Ben, Trisha, and Ethan. Here he is at BD’s Mongolian BBQ. This is a family favorite.

The house is taking shape

Unpacking at the new house and cleaning at the old one has been slow going. Our schedules have not been the best the last two weeks. Well, yesterday, I had a day off during a weekend so Mary and I got a lot of things unpacked. We got the office done and now it looks like the spacious room it was meant to be. The walk in closet is almost complete. I got the majority of the shelves in Friday, so now we have all of our clothes off of the floor and hung up. Today, after church, we are going to the old house to clean and retrieve a few items that we haven’t gotten out of there yet. We still need to go to the storage unit in Gaylord, and pick up some stuff for the living room. Keep watching our Flickr site for new pictures. I hope to have some soon. And yes Amy, I have been letting Mary do the decorating. 🙂

Trisha and Ethan

Trisha and Ethan
Trisha and Ethan,
originally uploaded by Jery McNutz.

I was able to get the pictures uploaded that I had this morning and post them to Flickr. (Just click on the pict). Vitals on Ethan are in the previous post.

Mary and I are now Grand parents!!!

Hi All!

I’m trying to get this out to family and friends, so if you don’t see someone on the list or see that they have a wrong email address, please forward this to them.

Ethan Stefanic was born 556 am Saturday September 30, 2006, weighing 7lbs 0 oz, length 19.75 inches. Trisha is doing fine and Ben is now trying to rest since he has been up since 500am yesterday when he went into work. He was on his way home when Trisha called him.

I have a couple of half hour old pictures that I will try to upload to Flickr soon. I have to find an computer to download the pictures that has internet connectivity.

Wow! I get married and have 4 kids, then marry the eldest one off in about a month, who then makes me a grandfather soon after Mary and I celebrate one year of marriage (not to mention I turned 40 in there as well)!

Praise God!

More soon!!!


So now we own a minivan

Well, we went and did it. We now are the proud owners of a 2000 blue Chevy Venture minivan. It seats 7. This is great for not only hauling our own two teens around, but those of the youth group and the odd band member and his wife and soon to be child (Ben and Trisha). It gets pretty good gas mileage and is in great shape. There was even a remote car starter on it that the previous owner had added after market. So now Mary gets to drive with air conditioning (the Intrepid’s broke and was too expensive to fix), a steering wheel that doesn’t pull to one side, and has plenty of room to haul people and things.

In other news, we also upgraded our cellphones. We both have Motorola RAZRs. The only catch was that Mary’s old phone was still under contract for another 6 months to a year, so we decided to take the plunge and add two more lines for Karlie and Kaleb. Karlie chose Mary’s old phone and Kaleb paid $30 and got a new Kyocera that takes pictures. With Alltel’s MyCircle plan we have taken our most called numbers and added them so as to not use all of our minutes. Also with Kaleb’s girlfriend havening an Alltel mobile, they have unlimited mobile to mobile minutes.

Otherwise, after our hot streak in northern Michigan, we have now cooled off and still have bright blue skies! This is why I moved to northern Michigan in the first place. Mary has been going through training sessions at work. They do a conference call with them all doing work out of their book. This is a lot like my radar training when I first worked with the Weather Service. She still has to go to Minneapolis for a week at the end of the month.

Mary and Trisha are in the beginning stages of planning the baby shower for Trisha so stay tuned. We went with Ben and Trisha to Clare and took Kaleb with us to see The Andy Stephanic Band (Ben’s brother) at an all day event last Saturday. The 5 of us had a good time. We brought some of Ben’s drums (since he is the drummer in the band). The Van worked great for this.

Can’t think of what else to tell you…oh yeah we think we found the house we want to move into in Boyne Falls, the only thing is too see what to do about this one. Any takers on a 3 bedroom 2 bath Cape Cod for $114,000 just outside the Gaylord area?

Looks like we are going to be the proud owners of a mini van

Well, looks like we will be buying a “pre-owned” mini van on Monday. We would like to own something like a Honda Odessy, but they are usually expensive and go fast. So we have been looking at a Chevy Venture. We got to take it home this weekend to test it out with Kaleb and Karlie. We got two thumbs up from them and our mechanic. We have been tracking the gas milage and it looks like it does as well as Mary’s car, which is on its last legs. We have been good at not incurring debt since we took our Crown Financial course, but we will have to go back into the payment process as we can’t pay cash for a car, yet. Maybe in the future. We are plugging away at our budget and saving money, however, this is something that we need to do before Mary’s car dies. Oh, the one we are getting is blue.