Fire in Gaylord

More links to the story: From TVC Record-Eagle:  Here,  here, and here.

From the Gaylord Herald-Times

Update 2: Here’s a story about the aftermath from TV 9&10 news.

UPDATE 1: Video of the first minute of when I was on the scene. The structure is fully involved. I do have some commentary (really explaining to my wife what was happening with the embers on the roofs of the adjacent buildings. I’m a fire weather program leader at work.) . I also reworded my choppy sentences from the original story I tapped out with my phone on scene.




There was a fire in Gaylord Wednesday night (5/19/2010). We saw it as we were heading home from the church after youth group. It was an abandoned building in downtown Gaylord, right on Main street. It was right next to a store and building that people from our church own. I’ll write more when I can. Here are some pictures.


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Wish we could trade him


Here’s a link to a fan page for the Steelers. There is great frustration in Steeler nation about Big Ben. They would love to trade him because he has given the town a black eye. Stories are coming out about his antics around Pittsburgh now, as well. The article does say he has his defenders, but I think they are dwindling.