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I don’t know if my twitter posts being summarized is bothering anybody, but I like them. For one, I actually talk about things weather related. That was always something I did rarely, in the past. Also, I sometimes wonder aloud some of the things on my mind. I try to get too mundane with the twitter posts, but I can’t help myself sometimes. One thing that it has done, is spurred on my blog writing. I was sputtering for a while. Now, I am writing a post at least once a week, sometimes more.

On a slightly different thought, I’m glad the elections are over. I know hope that people are moving on with their lives. I thought that the tenor of the whole election got a little too muddy for my liking. Actually, I know some conservative friends who were freaking out over the Obama election, but I knew it was a done deal. I relaxed as I heard all sorts of things that are supposed to happen with the Obama election. However, a lot of the news sources I read the progressive are a bit perturbed at his picks for cabinet posts.

I have to say this, I vote. Sometimes for the winner and sometimes not. I participate. However, I continue to live my existence based on something totally different. If the government comes and takes my 401k (something one of my conservative friends said) oh well. While I may not be that complacent about it, my hope is not placed in the government to bail me out. I will live a life of significance no matter who is in the White House.

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