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A Video and the Beginning of Something New…01/17/2017

I looked back over my blogging and realized that I posted once here last year. I’m hoping to start back, although in a bit of new way. In this case, as some know, I’ve become interested in film making. So to learn how to perfect this art form, I have been working on the various aspects. In this case, I have been posting videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

So to help with the blogging, I’m going to post them here. If I do the color commutes or weather videos, that will go on my weather blog. Here are two recent vacation videos from Mary and me.

The first is our September vacation during our anniversary week in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The second is when we visited Kaleb and his girl friend Kaitlin in New England.

The Gaylord Drought Looks Like It Will Continue

Of course, with those words, that’s when the sky splits open and it pours. However, if you look at this picture:

Then you see that the main rain has again gone by to the north and the south. This is also the case of Boyne Falls, where I am typing this morning. I know many will say, “But Jeff, look at that mass of rain to the west of you. Surely that will bring some relief?” Well as I have been watching it on the radar the heavier rain has been heading south and the weaker area is beginning to open up.

To see how we got into our drought, watch this video below put together by Nick Schwartz (aka Shaggy), a meteorological intern at our office.

Fire in Gaylord

More links to the story: From TVC Record-Eagle:  Here,  here, and here.

From the Gaylord Herald-Times

Update 2: Here’s a story about the aftermath from TV 9&10 news.

UPDATE 1: Video of the first minute of when I was on the scene. The structure is fully involved. I do have some commentary (really explaining to my wife what was happening with the embers on the roofs of the adjacent buildings. I’m a fire weather program leader at work.) . I also reworded my choppy sentences from the original story I tapped out with my phone on scene.




There was a fire in Gaylord Wednesday night (5/19/2010). We saw it as we were heading home from the church after youth group. It was an abandoned building in downtown Gaylord, right on Main street. It was right next to a store and building that people from our church own. I’ll write more when I can. Here are some pictures.

Fair Use What Does It Entail?

karlieEarlier tonight, my wife began posting some videos of our daughter in a school play. In fact, I wanted to create a post of the play list to show here as well. However, someone from the school saw them and asked her if she would take them down so the school doesn’t get into trouble with the Rogers and Hammerstein Organization who licenses the performances. My wife had gone to bed, and since they were on her Facebook account, I couldn’t take them down. However, I thought this would fall under fair use for what we had done? Don’t get me wrong, the school is afraid of being sued and I don’t want to impinge on somebody’s copyright, but can’t I take the excerpts of my daughter and put them somewhere so that my parents can see them (In fact, all I shot were the scenes that she was in, and pretty much only her.)?

I did some digging and Center for Social Media has put together a Code of Best Practices for fair use. The one I think that fits this situation is this:

4.Reproducing, reposting or quoting in order to memorialize, preserve, or rescue an experience, an event, or a cultural phenomenon 

Isn’t that what any parent would be doing if their child were in a play and you are just trying to get their scenes? Is this appropriate for fair use? I need some help with this. Anyone have an answer?